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I'm Cat, a Cambridge-based UX writer and researcher.

My approach to UX...


.....​is grounded in getting to the heart of any user problem by asking the right questions to tap into people's inner lives, emotions, and needs. I like to zoom in to get a sense of their lived experiences, then zoom out to look at the broader context, and find the meaningful connections between those levels of analysis. 

Why do I love UX? Because it allows me to use my imagination and skills to solve real problems and bring functionality, ease, and delight into people's everyday lives. How cool is that?!    

A little more about me...

Bangor's main claim to fame:  

Stephen King's House

Basilica di San Marco, Venice. You know. No big deal. Not like Stephen King's house. 

I'm a native of Bangor, Maine and Venice, Italy. Bilingual household, dual citizenship, travel back and forth, the whole minestrone.

Dogs (and one koala!) I have successfully snuggled.

In my spare time I like to keep up with current events, attend live rock music shows, watch Formula One racing, cook, travel, and snuggle as many dogs as I can.

Dogs, puppies, doggos, puppers I have successfully snuggled. Each doggo and pupper is special to me. No dog or puppy or koala was harmed in the making of this photo collage.
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